The plastic extrusion department became, through the years, a very competitive market. Canplex wants to be a part of the competition, that is why we are constantly in search of employees who will have at heart the evolution of the company. We encourage you to send us your resume specifying the position you are interested in (example: extruder operator).

We are in full expansion and we are looking for quality people to fill operator positions!

We offer a high-quality, productive work environment with a great atmosphere of camaraderie.



Between $ 18.50 to $ 23.50
+ Performance bonus
++ Full benefits (including dental)


Between $ 18.50 to $ 23.50
+ Premium of $ 1.00 per hour
++ Performance bonus
+++ Full benefits (including dental)


Between $ 18.50 to $ 23.50
+ Premium of $ 3.00 per hour
++ Performance bonus
+++ Full benefits (including dental)

Under the responsibility of the production supervisor, the employe (ou warehouse clerk) and/or the extrusion line operator will have as main task to operate the extrusion line according to the customers' plans and specifications and according to the quality standards established by the organization.
Detailed description of the operator position:

•    Operate the extruder
•    Supply the machine with raw material
•    Inspect and pack the finished products according to the customer's specifications
•    Properly complete production and quality documents
•    Complete production reports
•    Perform quality tests and make adjustments as needed
•    Carry out the assembly and disassembly of the dies
•    Carry out the start-up, shutdown and restart of production units
•    Check the operating parameters and ensure operation
•    Make changes to mechanical parameters
•    Adjustment of the extrusion line (extrusion line adjustment)

Physical requirements of the job:

•    Have good eyesight
•    Ability to work staying up for long hours
•    Ability to lift weights of 20 kg or more
•    Ability to perform repetitive movements and flexions


•    Fast & versatile
•    Conscientious
•    Be persistent and reliable
•    Analytical mind
•    Demonstrate good concentration




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