Canplex: proven expertise in PVC extrusion

PVC extrusion is a process used to transform a plastic material in the form of pellets or powder, into linear finished products which can have various uses thanks to certain thermal processes. These products take the form of window and door profiles, pool profiles, as well as a multitude of other commercial and industrial applications.
Discover Canplex’s expertise in PVC, TPV and other ranges of extruded polymers and learn more about what we can do to help you bring your custom profile projects to life.
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Our expertise

At Canplex, we have over 20 years of experience in the extrusion of PVC, TPV and other ranges of polymers, which allows us to offer our customers a higher level of quality and service. Our proven know-how and skills are the result of many years of painstaking work, process optimization and close collaboration with hundreds of customers and suppliers.

Our products

Canplex is a PVC extrusion manufacturing company specializing in the design of various custom plastic products, developed according to our customers’ specific needs.
Initially concentrated in the door and window industry, our clientele quickly expanded, leading to the rapid development of our range of products along with it. In order to better meet the requirements of different markets and better serve our customers, whatever their sector of activity, we use different types of superior quality materials.
We thus offer our customers a wide range of products, such as rigid, flexible, semi-rigid PVC, TPE and TPV, etc. We even offer the possibility of designing double extrusions, or coextrusions, which combine both the properties of rigid and flexible PVCs, for a more versatile result.

Our technologies

Over the years, Canplex has always armed itself with a range of state-of-the-art equipment and tools while developing its PVC extrusion processes. Our methodology is based on our attention to detail, on the use of specialized tools and on the exploitation of superior quality materials.
Besides, innovation holds a place of honor within our company, guiding all our operations and inspiring all our development efforts. Canplex continues to prioritize its technological development throughout its growth in order to continue to offer our customers the best products on the market.

Our team

Our staff is made up of highly qualified PVC extrusion professionals. Our team places customer satisfaction at the center of all our operations, investing their decades of cumulative experience and expertise in designing superior products.
Our employees and our management team combine all kinds of proven skills in technical processes, engineering, design, operations management, personnel management and administration. Our consultants are experts when it comes to validating your needs and supporting you in the realization of your projects, from your products’ design to their delivery.
Each member of our team is fully trained and encouraged to stay abreast of the latest publications and technologies regarding the extrusion PVC, TPV and other ranges of extruded polymers. We cultivate a dynamic working atmosphere, while strongly encouraging performance, thoroughness and meeting deadlines.
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Our quality assurance

Canplex advocates fast, efficient and professional service at all times, placing our customers’ needs at the center of our design and production activities. However, in order to provide our customers with durable and efficient products, Canplex emphasizes its strict quality control protocol.
In addition to the particular attention to detail paid by our employees to your products at each stage of the production process, each order is subject to our qualified staff’s scrutiny.
This comprehensive quality control allows us to minimize errors, optimize our performance and efficiency, and most importantly, to guarantee you results that are as perfect as possible.
Each rigid, flexible extrusion or coextrusion is thus meticulously assessed according to pre-established verification points to ensure that they meet our strict quality standards.
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Finally, Canplex always makes sure to comply with the standards and regulations in place in order to ensure a result that is as durable and safe as possible.



Would you like to learn more about our window systems? Whatever your projects, whether you need simple sash windows, casement windows or sliding windows, Canplex can help you make your projects a reality: