Do you work in the commercial or industrial field and need highly personalized custom curtain wall profiles, as quickly as possible?

Traditional window systems do not sufficiently meet your needs and you are looking for a supplier capable of designing quality products specifically adapted to your reality? Find out what Canplex can do for you!

Canplex custom curtain wall profiles: significant benefits

Canplex combines experience and know-how when it comes to designing custom curtain walls for our customers. Working closely with the window and door industry, whether residential, commercial or industrial, we know how to meet our customers’ specific needs.

After all, Canplex is:

Highly personalized custom CURTAIN WALL solutions

Canplex has extensive experience in designing custom curtain wall profiles. We work closely with our customers to offer you products that are perfectly suited to your specific projects, specially developed for you from A to Z. This is how we combine customer service, versatility and flexibility in order to offer you solutions that match your expectations, according to your previously determined criteria.

Emphasis on quality and innovation

At Canplex, all our products are subject to strict quality criteria that are constantly evolving. We never settle for obsolete or stagnant processes: our team is always on the lookout for the latest technologies in PVC and TPV extrusion in order to ensure that Canplex continues to grow. By placing innovation and technological development at the center of our production methodologies, we guarantee our customers ever more efficient and personalized products.

Higher production capacity

Canplex has the necessary infrastructure and expertise to develop, produce and supply our customers with large volumes of custom products. Whatever your needs, our team will be able to accommodate you to the very best of our ability.

Professional results and undeniable expertise

Canplex has many years of experience in the world of PVC extrusion, TPV and other ranges of extruded polymers, surrounded by a team of highly qualified and carefully recruited professionals.

Guided by our mission to offer our customers quality extruded PVC profiles in the form of custom products, our employees meticulously design each custom fenestration solution to meet your specific needs.

This is how Canplex is today, an example of excellence in the plastic extrusion industry. We owe this reputation to our staff’s expertise, our focus on quality service and our relentless respect for standards and regulations.


A team combining expertise and attention to detail

At Canplex, our customers’ satisfaction is at the heart of our custom curtain wall solutions’ development. Our employees are trained to meet high quality standards and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to assist them in carrying out their tasks. In other words, choosing Canplex means opting for top quality products, designed by true experts.


Personalized service that reflects your needs

When speaking of industrial construction, one must mention considerable volumes and tight deadlines. This is why Canplex emphasizes impeccable service and meticulous organization at all times. Our advisers are attentive to your needs and are always ready to recommend the best custom curtain wall solutions to meet your objectives as quickly as possible.

Our team helps you meet your deadlines by ensuring that your products are always delivered in the best of conditions, on the scheduled date, according to our prior agreement. With Canplex, enjoy the shortest possible turnaround time and responsive, easily accessible customer service, at all times.


Meticulous compliance with standards

Finally, when it comes to creating custom curtain wall solutions, nothing is more important than ensuring the safety and quality of your finished products. This is why Canplex is committed to always complying with the standards and regulations in place in order to protect you and deliver a superior product that is as durable as possible.

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