Custom extrusions

Are you looking for a manufacturer specializing in PVC extrusion to help you bring your projects to life? Do you need personalized solutions adapted to the reality of your business and industry?

Canplex has the technical abilities to help you bring your projects to life: whether rigid profiles, flexible profiles or coextruded profiles, we know how to design the best solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Find out how Canplex Ltd. can help make your projects a reality with our custom extrusion solutions.


What is custom extrusion?

PVC extrusion is a technical process through which plastic materials in the form of powder or pellets are transformed into various finished products, such as flexible, rigid, coextruded PVC profiles, TPE or TPV.

Depending on the materials and processes used, several combinations of various products can be designed, depending on the customers’ needs: this is called custom extrusion.

A range of high-performance products

Canplex has worked in the field of custom extrusion for over 20 years with dozens of varied customers, which has allowed us to develop, design and market a wide range of products. This is how a multitude of products is made available to you, coming from rigid, flexible, semi-rigid extrusion, or coextruded, which can be extruded in several cavities, according to your needs.

Our rigid products

Do you need rigid, durable and resistant custom profiles? Canplex offers you several choices of rigid products from the extrusion of high-quality plastic compounds. These custom profile solutions also offer you a wide choice of colors and customizations.

Our flexible products

Canplex offers you the choice between several types of flexible, semi-rigid, TPE and TPV materials for all your needs. In addition, our formulations can be adjusted to allow different combinations of colors, durations and densities, so that your custom profiles are perfectly suited to your market’s requirements.

Our coextruded products

Combine the advantages of rigid and flexible extrusions with the Canplex coextrusion service. Do you want a harder, but just as flexible product? Our consultants can help you identify the perfect combination to meet your specific needs, whether it is a rigid extrusion with a flexible surface, a flexible surface with a semi-rigid extrusion, or other!

Superior quality guaranteed

Canplex's mission is to offer you quality custom profiles combining durability and performance. This is why we exercise strict and meticulous quality control at each stage of the fulfillment of your order, from the validation of your technical drawings to the verification of the conformity of the units produced before their delivery. This strict protocol allows us to deliver top quality custom profiles to meet your requirements.

In addition to our meticulous quality control, our products are also designed to last and offer you results that are as efficient as possible, with a maximum lifespan.


Custom profiles to match your needs

Canplex stands out for its outstanding customer service when it comes to customizing our solutions to your needs. Our products are customized, according to the criteria that you have pre-established with our technical team. Our design and production teams work closely together to provide you with the best possible results, while our representatives assist you in identifying your needs and defining your satisfaction scales. In short: unparalleled support throughout the design process of your custom profiles!


A proven expertise

Canplex is above all a highly qualified staff, unparalleled know-how, a great attention to detail and a spirit bubbling with innovation. Our experts have decades of experience in PVC extrusion and custom profile design.

Entrusting your projects to Canplex means benefiting from the best talent in the industry and a superior level of service, at all times.

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