Flexible TPV profiles

Canplex is one of the most important extruders of TPV and TPE profile extrusions in Canada. Discover how our expertise and our variety of products can help you propel your projects!

What is TPV?

Vulcanized thermoplastics, more commonly known as TPVs, are composed of EPDM rubber particles encapsulated in a polypropylene (PP) matrix. Thus, they have properties found in EPDM. Combining the characteristics of vulcanized rubber and the processing properties of thermoplastics, TPVs have compression and tension properties, increased durability and excellent resistance to extreme temperatures.

In addition, TPVs are fully recyclable, which makes them a particularly attractive ecological alternative.

What are the advantages of TPV?

TPVs offer several advantages; due to the unique properties they combine and the different applications they allow.

Thus, in addition to their compression and tension properties, TPVs are resistant to repeated movements and tearing. Above all, they are easily transformable, which explains their versatility and usefulness across so many varied industries.

Finally, once transformed, TPVs retain their integrity and dimensional stability, which makes it a reliable and durable alternative every time.

What is the difference between TPV and TPE?

TPEs, or "Thermoplastic elastomers", are copolymers that combine the elasticity of rubber and thermoplastic characteristics such as the ability to melt and be shaped. They are strong and resistant to abrasion, oils and greases, impact and tears. TPEs are also inexpensive, easily colored and available as rigid or soft compounds.

As for TPVs, they are a type of TPE, whose composition offers additional properties, such as the possibility of being compressed, among others.

What are the possible applications and uses of TPV?

The properties of TPV make it a popular alternative in several sectors, including construction, automotive, home appliances, electrical and medical devices.

At Canplex, we offer our customers the possibility of ordering several personalized TPV parts. For example:

  • Seals,
  • Flexible seals for commercial and industrial window systems,
  • Flexible seals for household appliances,
  • And much more!

The Canplex advantage

At Canplex, excellence guides all of our operations. Our qualified staff value quality and efficiency, delivering you high-performance products that will bring your projects to fruition.

In addition, we focus on the continuous development of sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. We focus on minimizing waste and maximizing energy efficiency in all of our manufacturing processes. So, we can guide you in the selection of alternatives or ecological and environmentally friendly compounds.

We are aware that the components and parts that we deliver to you are essential to the performance of your finished products and that the quality of our products has an impact on the quality of yours. After all, your reputation is at stake, and our role is to help you promote it. It is this commitment that keeps our customers coming back project after project, year after year.

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