20 years of expertise and excellence

Canplex is a manufacturing company specializing in PVC extrusion, TPV and other ranges of extruded polymers since its foundation in 2000. Based in Mascouche, on the North Shore of Montreal, the company faithfully provides the best solutions in PVC extrusions to a large and varied clientele.

Canplex’s ever more innovative solutions and our comprehensive quality control ensure our customers better-performing products. Our highly qualified staff are at your disposal at each stage of the product design process, guaranteeing you a superior level of service at all times.

Our services

Choosing Canplex means opting for smart, efficient and sustainable solutions that will complement all your projects perfectly. Discover our services today!


Do you work in the commercial or industrial field and need highly personalized custom fenestration solutions, as quickly as possible?


Our range of high-performance window systems is specially designed to meet market demands: these custom solutions combine durability, performance and efficiency, for impeccable results every time.


Canplex works closely with the window and door industry, both commercial and industrial, while developing new, innovative custom solutions at our customers’ request.

Whether it is swimming pool profiles, garage door profiles or any other custom product, our qualified staff is at your service to deliver you the most upscale and efficient parts.

TPV profiles

Canplex is one of the most important extruders of TPV and TPE profile extrusions in Canada. Discover how our expertise and our variety of products can help you propel your projects!


PVC extrusion, TPV and other ranges of extruded polymers is a process is a process used to transform a plastic material in the form of pellets or powder, into linear finished products which can have various uses thanks to certain thermal processes. These products take the form of window and door profiles, pool profiles, as well as a multitude of other commercial and industrial applications.

Discover Canplex’s expertise in PVC extrusion and learn more about what we can do to help you bring your custom profile projects to life.


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Would you like to learn more about our window systems? Whatever your projects, Canplex can do to help you make your projects a reality: get your personalized quote here.