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You only offer the best to your customers – after all, that’s what sets you apart from your competition. But are you armed with the best materials to meet your market’s ever-higher demands? When it comes to designing durable, high-performance window systems, Canplex is hard to beat!

Whatever your project, our plastic extrusions will surpass your expectations. Find out what Canplex can do to make your goals a reality!

Why choose

Canplex window systems?

Whether plastic profile solutions for casement windows, simple sliding windows or simple hung windows, our expertise in the design of high-performance and versatile window systems allows us to deliver sought after high-quality products to our customers.

At Canplex, customer satisfaction is at the heart of every project. This is why we guarantee you an unequaled level of service. Our expertise and attention to detail allow us to stand out in our industry, and offer you results that will blow you away.

Here are 6 reasons to choose Canplex window system solutions:

Superior quality products

At Canplex, the quality of our products is a central priority in all of our operations, ensuring you the best possible results, every time.

Besides, all our products go through a rigid and exhaustive quality control process, which allows us to meet all of our customers’ requirements, or even surpass them.

Guaranteed durability

Canplex products are built to last: our premium materials are carefully selected to provide you unmatched durability and resilience.

A constant focus on innovation

At Canplex, we are always on the lookout for the latest technology in window systems. Innovation is at the heart of our processes and this is reflected in our methodology. Our methods are constantly evolving and our employees’ skills are regularly upgraded, day after day, to guarantee you always better results.

Results of undeniable aesthetics

In addition to our products’ indisputable quality, durability, and energy efficiency, also benefit from a modern and aesthetic result, which meets your expectations (and those of your customers!). Take advantage of our experts’ advice in order to offer you solutions combining performance and design.

Outsanding service

At Canplex, customer satisfaction is non-negotiable. Our team provides you with continuous support so that you can carry out your projects with peace of mind. Whatever your specific needs may be, we are here to design tailor-made solutions for you.

Continuous technical support

From assembling to installing your products, you’re never left on your own with Canplex. Our team provides you with accessible and efficient technical support at each stage of the realization of your project. We are always available to guide you, advise you and answer your questions and concerns to ensure optimal results every time.


at your service for over 20 years

Canplex is an experienced company with the most highly qualified staff. We work closely with our customers to meet your specific needs and offer you high-performance products.

Guided by our mission to provide our customers with quality extruded PVC profiles in the form of custom products, our employees meticulously design each custom window solution to meet your specific needs.

It is thanks to our proven know-how, our superior level of service and our firm respect for the standards in place that we have built a solid trusting relationship with our customers.

Proven know-how

Canplex is a team of 45 employees combining proven expertise, undeniable know-how and constant attention to detail. We are a company established for over 20 years in the plastic extrusion industry, accumulating, over the years, the necessary experience and resources to offer you top quality products, every time.

A higher level of service

With Canplex, benefit from quality service at all times: our team is attentive to your needs in order to design high-performance window systems that meet your expectations.

Furthermore, take advantage of the shortest possible turnaround time and fast, efficient service, so your projects can flourish on time.

extriuion profilé canplex
système de fenêtre canplex


Finally, Canplex always makes sure to comply with the standards and regulations in place in order to ensure a result that is as durable and safe as possible.



Would you like to learn more about our window systems? Whatever your projects, whether you need simple sash windows, casement windows or sliding windows, Canplex can help you make your projects a reality: